Tribestream® API Gateway

Microservice API Security with Elasticity


Protect your architecture with truly stateless REST security using OAuth 2 + JWT, HTTP Signatures or Basic Auth.


Elevate user experience satisfaction with full mod_rewrite support through Tribestream Route Smart Editor.


Get uninterrupted elasticity while maximizing performance with Round Robin, Least Connections and Health Checks.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Modern Security

API Security for Microservices

Empower instead of restrict your application architecture with an intelligent federated security system routed through a single API Gateway.

Use Tribestream Security, an all inclusive solution, for authentication and authorization with user identity and management. Pair your choice of OAuth2 + JWT, HTTP Signatures, Basic Authentication or mix of each with LDAP or Cassandra database for a complete end-to-end touch point security.

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OAuth 2 

Truly secure your authorization and authentication of client credentials with controlled access to microservices applications.

JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Compose your dream JWT token data sourced from anywhere, including LDAP, Cassandra database and microservices implementing Claim Source REST API.

HTTP Signatures

Enable client or web server to authenticate and authorize access with one HTTP or HTTPS round-trip in a REST API call. Give your B2B relationships a security boost with Amazon AWS-style API Keys and HTTP Message Signing.

Mod_rewrite Meets Security & New Possibilities

Smart Editor with Auto-Completion

Build routing rules at lightning speed. Mod_Rewrite Smart Editor’s powerful editing tools include parameter hints, auto-code completion, dynamic code run, code navigation and refactoring for quick source code review, and many other user-friendly editing features.

Route by JWT Claims

Customize routing rules with expanded mod_rewrite syntax using claims from incoming JSON Web Token (JWT).

Full Mod_rewrite Support

Confidently route secure APIs across the enterprise through one API Gateway using a powerful HTTP Proxy complete with full mod_rewrite support.

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The Bedrock of a Secure and Flexible Network for all Sorts of Traffic

Elastic Load Balancer

A Reverse Proxy That Automatically Distributes Traffic Across Multiple Servers While Making Your Applications Fault Tolerant, Highly Available And Reliable. Everything You Need To Improve Performance And Securely Scale.

Round Robin

A fuss-free distribution of traffic evenly across all microservices in an extremely simple implementation. Improve server performance by assigning weight to each server for better capacity handling.

Health Checks

Master the art of load-balancing Health Check to detect failed or zombie servers. Configure HTTP and TCP count, timeout and intervals to optimize performance tuning.

Least Connected

Improve server fault tolerance and end-user response time with Least Connection load balancing algorithm. Route traffic to servers with the least number of active connections. Ideal for applications with long running API calls.

Secure Elasticity

Dynamically add new hosts to a load-balancing group via API call to the security gateway. Use HTTP Signatures, OAuth 2, Basic Auth or a mix of methods with fine grained permissions to secure API calls.

Keep Tabs of the Known and
Discover the Unknown

Elasticsearch Integration

Telemetry with Elasticsearch

Tribestream Telemetry is fully integrated with Elasticsearch, a popular open source RESTful search and analytics engine, to provide big data analytics and real-time monitoring in a simple and meaningful context.

Out of the Box Kibana Dashboard

Output any system (CPU, MEM, FS, iNODES, etc), routing and granted OAuth2 telemetry. Show KPI that impacts production through customized views within Kibana Dashboards.

Detailed Diagnostics

Administrators can see authentication failures reach Elasticsearch on reveal user access and denial. Great for identifying security troubles and user error.

Performance Metrics

Draw out the best contextual view of entire microservices architecture setup. Enable server performance detection and diagnostics. Show KPI that impacts production through customized views within Kibana Dashboards backed by ElasticSearch.

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