JWT example based on the Movie Fun app with Vue.js Framework as a base. Will use OAuth 2.0 authentication with the Tribestream API Gateway.


Mac OS To work, this application requires a Secure Token Service to deliver JWT tokens. For this example, we use Tribestream API Gateway product.

For this application, we’ll start the Tribestream API Gateway using Docker.

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -e LICENSE=accept --name tag  tomitribedev/tribestream-api-gateway
this requires an explicit License agreement through the flag -e LICENSE=accept If you don’t add this license environment flag, you will get the license displayed on the console and it won’t start.
if you already ran this command, the tag container will already exist and the command will fail. To remove the container before starting a new container, run docker rm tag


Before starting the application, make sure the Tribestream API Gateway is up and running and you can successfully access the console. Go to http://localhost:8080/tag. You should be able to see the login screen and connect using admin as the username and the password.

Then, you need to configure it properly. For convenience reasons, we deliver a script with some JSON files you can post to the REST API. The script is located into src/main/scripts and the JSON files are in scr/main/imports.

Run the following commands to configure the Gateway.

source src/main/scripts/import.sh

MOVIE_API_URL=host.docker.internal import http://localhost:8080/tag src/main/imports/default-keysize-2048.json
MOVIE_API_URL=host.docker.internal import http://localhost:8080/tag src/main/imports/moviefun-oauth2.json
MOVIE_API_URL=host.docker.internal import http://localhost:8080/tag src/main/imports/default-oauth2-profile.json
MOVIE_API_URL=host.docker.internal import http://localhost:8080/tag src/main/imports/moviefun-route.json
host.docker.internal is not portable across all docker platforms. You may need to change it if you are running on linux for instance. Use instead localhost instead. Be careful, under Mac, you can reach the host from withing a container.

Now, you are ready to start the movie fun application using the TomEE Maven plugin.

mvn clean package -DskipTests tomee:run


Don’t use directly http://localhost:8020/moviefun/ because it does not go through the API Gateway.

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